Nipsco Combustible Dust Eng.

Description of Project:

HOH set up a combustible dust program for implementation at all of CLI- ENT’s Generating Plants that will lead to compliance with NFPA 499 NFPA 654 and OSHA NEP CPL 03-00-008.

Perform a Combustible Dust Hazard Assessment and develop a 5 year plan, including costs, priority and schedules to achieve compliance with NFPA 499 at three large facilities for another company.

Scope of Work:

HOH developed a comprehensive program to assist in compliance with NFPA 499, NFPA 654 and OSHA. Performed Field Hazard Assessment and GAP Analysis at all plants, developed a detailed action item list and timeline to assist the plants to obtain compliance. These assessments include:

  • Review with plant their requirements prior to field hazard analysis.
  • Direct plants on samples of comingled materials and coordinate test- ing of materials.
  • Perform a Field Hazard Assessment to Classify areas and identify hazards.
  • Development of detailed action item lists including O&M items as well as Capital improvements necessary.
  • Work with plants on dust collection including the development of a new safer dust collector.
  • Develop detailed explosion mitigation strategies including explosion panels, isolation, and suppression.
  • Developed Hazardous Area Classification diagrams.
  • Developed capital improvement plans including anticipated costs and prioritization of projects.
  • Work with plants on housekeeping procedures.
  • Materials: coal

Value to Client:

Improve the Safety of the plant to provide a safer work environment and to reduce plant downtime.

Worked with plants to improve current collection and containment to control combustible dusts with limited Capital Costs.