NB Coating Expansion

Description of Project:

  • Renovate and expand existing administrative offices.
  • Renovate existing R & D labs, and production & testing areas.
  • Master planning of a multi-year phased renovation plan.
  • Guiding concepts of the project include reorganizing the facility to centralize existing parallel operations into common areas, and to encourage greater collaboration with more open office spaces.
  • Total renovation costs of approx. $10 mil. when completed in 2019.

Scope of Work:

  • Review and document existing conditions.
  • Review Local Codes; preparation for Permitting.
  • Conduct regular review meetings with both Operations and Tech- nical staff.
  • Preparation of Schematic Design and Cost Estimates for presentation to corporate Board of Directors.

Value to Client:

  • Phased renovation is designed to accommodate continuous occupation and production in the existing facility to the greatest extent practical, and to minimize temporary offsite relocations during renovations.
  • The existing building is part of a manufacturing campus, so relocation to a new facility was undesirable.