ComEd Precast Screen Wall TDC 95

Description of Project:

  • ComEd planned to construct a new distribution substation in Bolingbrook, IL. Since the planned substation was near a residential area, ComEd decided to build a decorative security wall to screen the electrical equipment at TDC 525 on Hudson Avenue and South Naperville Road in Romeoville, IL.
  • The wall is 8 feet high, and 972 feet in length with a 2′-6″ high steel security fence on top of the precast concrete segmental wall.
  • The exterior of the wall which faces a residential area has an attractive ashler limestone pattern. The rear of the substation which faces light industrial buildings has an 8′ high steel security fence.

Scope of Work:

  • Field inspections were conducted to determine the wall location and any interferences.
  • Two alternative conceptual designs were developed and the most optimal alternative recommended for construction.
  • Structural design of the support piers and the wall itself was prepared.
  • Architectural design of the wall appearance was prepared for ComEd approval.
  • The cost estimate for the wall construction was prepared.
  • Construction management services were also provided.

Value to Client:

  • The wall was designed to minimize construction cost and field work and is built of durable precast concrete.